Thank you for considering Amethyst Arsenic to publish your work.

The next submission period for our Spring 2017 issue is Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - Friday, March 31, 2017. The issue is expected to be released on or about May 31, 2017.

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We use Submittable exclusively. For your convenience, the guidelines are included here and there.

Amethyst Arsenic is open to all forms of poetry and art. Within this broad scope, we have a preference for well-crafted imagery that brings a fresh use of language and perception. We also lean towards vignettes, moments, stories and meditations on people, objects, and scenes; the intimate whether confessional or persona, versus broad commentary. For an idea of our aesthetic, please check out our Archives and Links for publications we admire. 

We have published works from slam poets, academic poets, first-time poets, rising poets, and established poets, as well as all kinds of visual artists. We just care about poetry and art that moves us, and we don't care as much about the echelon you occupy.

If you have any questions or technical issues with our submission process, please email amethystarsenic[at] We will respond to polite inquiries.

General Terms:

Response Times:

Common Guidelines:

Poetry Guidelines:

Art Guidelines:

  • Please upload a zip file (via Submittable) of 3-5 JPEG, GIF, or PNG files, and a Word [doc|docx], or Rich Text [rtf] that includes your name, the artwork media, size, and titles of the work.

  • The images should be no larger than 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall at 72 dpi.

  • Name the zip file - (This is the file you will submit.)

  • Name each image file incrementally: LastName-FirstName-1|2|3|4|5

  • Name the text file - LastName-FirstName-Art-Descriptions.
  • The text file content should be, for example:

  • FirstName LastName

    "Title 1," Oil on Canvas, 24" W x 24"H
    "Title 2," Digital Painting, [include size only if printed copies are available] .

  • In the Submission Title entry of the submission form, enter FirstName Lastname - Art